Tolerance by Chris Mars


Chris Mars’ painting style, examples of which graced all of his album covers, is marked by nightmarish landscapes and grotesque, distorted figures. He draws inspiration from his older brother’s struggle with schizophrenia. This book was manufactured with respect for the environment, workers rights, and human rights.

“Chris Mars occupies two coveted realms in the art world. Being a consummate artist’s artist, he’s become a focal point and benchmark for legions of established and upcoming talent in the art world. Also, despite pushing illustrative work into the extremes of the surreal and abstract, he’s also tapped into a visceral vein that draws in the erudite as well as the common man with little time for art theory. An envious position to straddle. Few achieve it, let alone with the pure intensity and uncompromising aesthetic ideals. Bottom line, whether his art is placed in the lofty museum halls of fine art, or in the back alley underground gallery, you’ll be able to tell where Mars’s work is hanging by seeing where the crowd is gathered in the room.”
– Tom Hazelmyer, OX-OP/AmRep/ HAZE XXL

“The recent work of Chris Mars lies somewhere between the tongue-and-cheek humor of Richard Price and the debauchery of Hieronymus Bosch. His explorations into the pictorial effects and textural portraiture are spirited with an opening aperture into our own personal demons. Mars’s work is a fresh return to honesty in contemporary art…no matter how far down the shadowed path they may take us.”
– Michael J. Beam, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Castellani Art Museum

176 pages
Hardcover, full color

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